The journey through recovery doesn't need to be alone

Why Choose
OCC Services...

Outreach and Crisis Counseling Services is founded upon a faith-based belief that recovery can only happen through a holistic wellness that takes place in the body, soul, and spirit of the individual. The providing of social services through counseling/life coaching and case management will be administered in both group and individual counseling session.

Jumpstart Recovery

We understand what it means to live with addiction. We’re going to help you recover and give you a boost in the right direction.

We Genuinely Care

The staff at Outreach & Crisis Counseling Services aren’t here for a paycheck or a merit badge. We care. We want to help you find the road to recovery.

Here to Help

Our counselors care about your life and want to know your story. We have support groups that provide deep personal connections.

We don't Judge

Acknowledging addiction is a very humbling process. We pass zero judgement, and treat all of our clients with deserved respect.

Our Valued Partners

Franklin County Family Drug Court

Our Story

We are a group of people that have a strong desire to see people heal from addiction. We have experienced it both directly and indirectly, which allows us to empathize with our clients, as well as family members. Because of that passion and experience, we decided to turn our passion for helping with recovery into a non-profit organization.


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